Monday, October 25, 2004

A Little of The Old In and Out

In: Paper Magazine. The Corsair would not be the snarky pop culturally obsessed B-List blogger that he is today if not for the nurturing of Paper Magazine, a philosophy degree and a steady diet of Page Six. LA.Com on Paper's 20th Anniversary celebration on the left coast:

"Kim Hastreiter said she was thrilled to see hookers and bums on Hollywood Boulevard. The co-editor and co-publisher of Paper magazine saw them last night on her way into Star Shoes, the Hollywood nightclub where she and her editing and publishing partner David Hershkovits celebrated 20 years of Paper's existence (and the new book commemorating the trailblazing hipster mag, copies of which they will sign tonight at Book Soup). 'New York is so richie rich,' she said (meaning the economy and not, we assume, the club kid/fashion designer of the same name). 'But LA still has hookers and bums. I love that!' There were none of those types at the party ... Artist Coop and his wife/muse showed up, as did Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz."

The Corsair hearts David and Kim, godparents of legions of freaks like me. Check out pics and more here.

Out: Marcia Cross. That significant cultural artifact The National Enquirer flings this accusation like a capuchin monkey (duck!!):

"Marcia Cross plays supermom Bree on the hit series 'Desperate Housewives'--but in real life, she backed out of an adoption because she refused to sacrifice her career to be a stay-at-home mom!

"That's the stunning charge of Jessica Ridner, 32, whose heart was broken in May when the actress decided not to adopt her child--just as production was gearing up for the darkly humorous ABC drama about the secret lives of suburban housewives.

"'Marcia had promised me that she would be a stay-at home mother to my baby, but it was all a big lie,' Jessica told The ENQUIRER.

"'Two months after she backed out, I saw promos on TV for Desperate Housewives. Everything made sense. I understood why Marcia changed her mind--she was working!"

Oh no Bree didn't!

In: The Richards Girls, rocking the jet set. So fucking hott, they remind me of my jeep. Can I go for a ride? Keith Richards' daughters are painting the town red, like papi like daughter, according to Fashionweekdaily:

"... (T)he Richards girls (Alexandra and Theodora) have a busy night in store: they're hosting the Vogue and Samsung party for Diane von Furstenbergs new cell phone tonight and have also confirmed for Donna Karans 20th anniversary bash, where other expected VIPs include Angela Lindvall, Anna Wintour, Iman and Brooke Shields."

You know what they say -- A Rolling Stone gathers no moss.

Out: Club Paris. According to the AP:

"Paris Hilton is opening Club Paris and designing her own personal suite at the Aladdin hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The property was recently purchased by an investment group led by Robert Earl, Planet Hollywood's founder and chairman.

"'Las Vegas is hot, Planet Hollywood is hot and I wanted to be part of the newest, hottest resort in Las Vegas,' Hilton, 23, said Saturday night at the Aladdin when the project was announced.

"'I will see everyone back here on New Year's Eve when I officially open Club Paris in Las Vegas and Orlando on the same night! That's hot,' exclaimed Hilton, who was wearing a black and gold Roberto Cavalli mini dress and clutching her pet Chihuahua, Tinkerbell."

Will African-Americans have separate but equal facilities? And, since Tinkerbell is of dusky hue ...

In: Me. Omigod!! Like, WTF!!! The Corsair is in Page Six. Am I dreaming?! Can someone tell me if I'm dreaming?!!

"SOMETIMES it takes being cast in a movie to reunite two old acquaintances. Mike Bencivenga, director of 'Happy Hour,' the new indie flick starring Anthony LaPaglia and Eric Stoltz, and real-life scribes like The Post's Steve Dunleavy, Malachy McCourt and Pete Hamill, tells blogger Ron Mwangaguhunga an interesting bit of trivia: 'Jack Newfield and actor Robert Vaughn reunited after 40 years on this film. The last time they were together was at JFK's funeral in 1963. 'The last time I saw you,' Newfield said to Vaughn, 'There was a coffin between us.' "

The Corsair can die now knowing that his potentiality is now actuality, that his mission on earth has been fulfilled, his name was in Page Six. *The Corsair faints*

Seriously, Richard Johnson and Chris Wilson have made my fucking millenium. Rock on, Page Six, now and forever.

Out: Heidi Klum's Annual Halloween Party. The Corsair didn't get an invite, but, according to Fashionweekdaily:

" ... the hot ticket this weekend will be Heidi Klums annual Halloween bash, hosted by Marquee."

And The Corsair doesn't get an invite? I'm in Page Six, bitch!

In: CHER ISSUES BUSH WARNING AT DISCO. Thanks for the heads up, Cher. Our favorite Headline of the Day. Cher, drag queen idol, keeps it real, keeps .. it ... real real ....

Out: Mark Cuban. The Corsair has interviewed the guy, and, to be frank, he was okay. That was then, this is now. After all The Benefactor fallout -- he's getting odd on his blog, real ... odd; and he calls himself "the Mavs":

"Please, please, please. Do not get the Mavs office address, or the address of any of my companies and send me a package with a shoe or a fake foot so you can get 'your foot in the door'. Do not send me a rubber chicken because you read it in a book.

"You may think it?s clever. I don?t. If you are trying to be clever, be clever and unique. If you aren?t sure if something you are trying is unique, it probably isn?t. That said, the value of clever is that it might give me a chuckle. It won?t help you accomplish whatever you are trying to get done, only substance will do that.

"If you are looking for money for any of the millions of wonderful or painful reasons someone might ask for money, DO NOT send it to me in a fed-ex or overnight delivery package. My first thought is always, if they need money so badly, why are the spending so much to send me this package.

"If you are trying to raise money for a business. Your chances with me are slim and slimmer. If you want to risk it by sending me something, that is your choice. One thing that will immediately kill your chances is if you send me junk. Don?t send me a golf shirt, a coffee mug, a pen, a flashlight, or anything for that matter."

Uhhh, okay dude.

In: The Corsair is intrigued. This popped up in his email box and he's going to pass it along, if only because we want to see what our readers have to say:

"Ladies, is your man cheating?or gay?

"Is he fooling around or could it be that he?s gay?

"As it turns out - many men are actually gay, but still continue to live their life as a 'straight man'.

"Were you 'taken' by one of these men? If that's the case, tell your story in this revealing new book!"


Tom said...

Excellent! Congrats on your big pickup!

The Corsair said...

thanks tom!

Anonymous said...

Yay Ron!!! I'm so happy for you. You deserve a big shout out for all your hard work blogging! -Casey

Allison Bojarski said...

rockin' the Page Six, baby! congratulations.

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