Thursday, October 21, 2004

Michael Alig: Prison Interview, Part 11

If you don't already know, get your asses over to for James St. James' crack-like addictive part 11 of his 12 part collabo with jailed club kid/murderer Michael Alig, prisoner #97A-6595, incarcerated for allegedly smothering Andre 'Angel' Melendez with a pillow, then, allegedly, injecting him with drano. He is currently serving some sweet time at Rikers.

According to the NY Times, back in the day: "(Alig) appeared in court with his underpants showing through his trousers and with no laces in his shoes. After three days on Rikers Island, the man who once announced that he wanted to be 'the most famous freak in the world' was reportedly beaten by fellow inmates.' Said Angel's brother, 'What this guy did to him is not even human. I hope he gets the electric chair."

Thus far, we have been fully appraised of the sub par java in the klink, disco parties in the rec room (last item), we've been treated to email from Alig fans, the fact that Alig almost got slashed by some wanna-be Bloods while on the telephone last week, and, in this penultimate installment, we learn how to buy OPM, or-- Other People's Methadone:

"James: How long were you (in the Riker's Island Mental Ward)?

"Michael: About 10 days. Every so often the inmates have to go in for an evaluation and when I went in for the evaluation, right when walked in the room, the psychiatrist said "What are you doing here?" I said "What do you mean?" And she said �You�re not supposed to be here� and then they took me out.

"James: Where was Freeze during all this?

"Michael: Living it up at a place called NEC or something like that. Which is the VIP section, the protective custody section.

"James: So you were dope sick all this time. There weren�t any drugs once you got into Rikers?
Michael: Not in the mental ward.

"James: But when you got into Rikers?

"Michael: Yes, when I was in Rikers, there was. And, oh God, I was buying people�s methadone from them. This is so disgusting, this is how it works --"

Enquiring minds can go here.


(S)wine said...

Just so you know, for some odd reason the Comments section under Clinton/Sec'y General of UN is not working.

Speaking of...and why wouldn't he want the job? You don't do shite, you get waited on hand and foot, you squander away money on phat/fat expense accounts, and more or less attend meetings and try to push through resolutions which amount to basically slaps on wrists to offending nations.

encontrar su mueble said...

Goodness, there's so much effective info above!

Anonymous said...

Amazing he's getting out in 2013 or early 2014. Michael has made it through prison. Unreal! I heard he's in a 6 month rehab class that he has to complete in order to get his release. This is a great blog!