Monday, October 25, 2004

Usher Sex Tape?! You Betta Ush Your Mouth!!

According to Rush and Molloy, Usher has a sex tape out, and, uh, they viewed a portion of it, for, ah, journalistic purposes -- yeah, that's the ticket. Soon to be released for $5 up and down 125th Street and Harlem from shady Senegalese street vendors:

"The tape is said to have been made when he was 19. According to a source who has seen the tape, the then-up-and-coming singer was introduced to the two women by the owner of a club where he performed.

"'The club owner wanted to show his gratitude,' the source tells us. 'So he hooked him up with these ladies.'

"A portion of the tape, which we viewed exclusively, shows a naked woman moaning, 'Ush,' while TLC's 'Waterfalls' plays in the background. (You'll recall that Usher used to date TLC's Rozonda (Chilli) Thomas.)

"The source, who has seen the complete tape, says, 'There's no doubt it's Usher. You can see him hamming for the camera.'"

And, in other news, Page Six writes of an Ush sighting, "USHER having tortilla soup and guava soda while waiting for his take-out at Dos Caminos in SoHo."

The hammy porn with the chickenhead soup was just the appetizer.

Don't go chasing chickenheads ...

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