Friday, October 29, 2004

Matthew Mcconaughey: Freak of the Week

FemaleFirst reports:

"Naked Matthew McConaughey chased a ghost around his Hollywood home."

Yes, the ghost of his career ...

"The hunky actor, who is rumoured to be romancing his 'Sahara' co-star Penelope Cruz, freaked out when he saw what he thought was the spirit of a woman in his new Hollywood Hills home."

The ghost of Box Office Bombs past ...

"Matthew, who chased the ghost with a baseball bat, claims he has now made friends with the phantom, who he has named Madame Blue."


"He explained: 'She's a cool ghost. Maybe being nude all the time is why we get along.'"

The Corsair wants some of that sweet Thai stick Matt's been "Bogarting." It appears to have hallucinogenic properties ...

"Matthew is renowned for his love of stripping off - in 1999, police raided the actor's home after noise complaints from neighbours and discovered him playing bongos in the nude."

The Corsair would, ordinarily, be all over this piece, but he has a code of honor that forbids him from going after that which is all too easy to demolish. Where's the sport in that?

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(S)wine said...

Gimme some o' dat.