Tuesday, October 26, 2004

How Tom Green And Drew Barrymore Hooked Up

From Tom Green, Hollywood Causes Cancer:

"We were about to do the last take of this (Charlie's Angels) scene where I stood on the bow of the boat, a good 10 to 15 feet from the water. It wasn't a little fall, but its the kind of thing I would have done on a tv show without thinking twice. At that point, I had never met a stunt coordinator and didn't need one. McG came up to me right before the take and said, 'Give me your mike, we don't want to fuck up your mike.' I was going to do it. We took my mike off secretly, told no one what was about to occur, and we began to shoot the bit. Drew walked by and I said 'Well, what is it, is it the Chad?' I'm doing a scene with someone whose been acting since she was four years old. I didn't know what I was doing, but I knew how to fall in the water. So I did, eggs, spatula and all.

"I got out and all hell broke loose. The first assistant director was screaming, 'what the fuck is going on? You fucking can't do that you idiot!' And everybody on the set was freaking out. I'm sure they're calling the studio and checking the pollution levels of the water and were ready to kick me out of show business.

"McG, on the other hand, was elated. And when I looked for Drew's reaction, she was laughing her ass off. I think she thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I know I did. And, of course, that take was used in the movie.

"Afterward, Drew asked me to join her and a couple of friends/assistants for a drink. 'Sure, yeah, okay.' She wrote down her name and cell phone number with a little heart on a scrap of paper. We were traveling in two cars, and she wanted me to have the number in case we got separated. Later, while we were driving to the bar, she jumped out of her car in traffic and jumped into mine. I guess she really didn't want to get separated."

Okay, that's hott. A little looney, yes; but hott. The Corsair like a woman with "the spice." The cell phone number "with a little heart" may have been de trop, but jumping from car to car in Los Angeles traffic -- so very hott. The Corsair will never quite look at Ms. Barrymore the same again.

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