Monday, October 18, 2004

Kevin Costner Officially Jumps the Shark

Most pop culture vultures -- okay, just The Corsair -- believe that Kevin Costner's career jumped the shark when he started getting waay too involved in golfing. But how many know about a little eventoid covered in Hello!Magazine (that's Britspeak for B-Listers on European vacation, what?) in which Our Kevy quite literally jumped sharks, erm, do they have sharks in the Mediterranean?

"(Costner and new bride Christine Baumgartner) explored the coast of Viareggio, one of the most beautiful seaside resorts of Tuscany, the Dances With Wolves star perhaps searching for a belated wedding gift for his new bride decided to check out a luxurious sailboat which once belonged to Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi."

Silvio Berlusconi owns a sailboat? The Corsair thought that oil and water don't mix ...

"But after Kevin boarded a tiny craft called Yellow Submarine to be taken over to the sailboat, it soon became evident that he was in for more than a sales tour. Apparently the voyage was all part of the hijinks of an Italian Candid Camera-style programme and the Hollywood star got swept up in the fun, diving straight into the water fully dressed. From his celebrity golf antics to the unexpected seaside dip, it's clear that Kevin's sense of humour is firmly intact. On Saturday, the Wyatt Earp star spoofed his rugged cowboy image on another Italian TV programme, donning a Western-style ensemble, complete with gun belt and pistol, and mounting a scaled-down mechanical bull."

Ah, The Corsair, being a pop culture junkie, a former philosophy major, a connoisseur of the ebullient European variety shows, especially of the Mediterranean (read: Pagan) variety, with busty women and freaks, finds this all wonderful fun. Honeymoon be damned, if Sarah Ferguson could shed the image of a golddigger and the unkind sobriquet "The Princess of Pork" and reinvent herself as a "classy" Weight Watchers pitchwoman and humanitarean here in the states then -- God save the Queen! -- why can't Our Kevy make it big in the Roma?

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