Monday, October 25, 2004

Elton: Ghetto Rescuer

According to the 3AM Girls:

"We always knew Elton John was a generous guy, but now we have the proof.

"The singer likes to shower his mates with pressies and, according to Mary J Blige, 'he gives the most amazing gifts in the world.'

"The R&B singer told 3am: 'He gave me a gorgeous, black lacquer grand piano as a house-warming gift and for my wedding day he gave me a beautiful portrait of Billie Holiday.'

"Mary adds that Elton 'has such fabulous taste it's a joke. He's just one in a million.'

"And its not just gifts Elton's useful for. Mary said: 'I could be in the middle of the ghetto and he'd come and rescue me.'"

The Corsair loves Elton John -- so much so that we're leaving aside entirely the fact that this article just actually substituted the word "pressies" for presents. Elton's sad songs say so much; he's not the man you think he is at all, oh no yeah yeah, he's a rocketman ...

... But were we alone, unarmed, in the ghetto, in the PJ's, homies throwing us "ice," if on a winter's night a traveler at -- say -- 3AM on the Baltimore street, well, er ... Elton wouldn't be The Corsair's first choice to watch his back, so to speak.

That whole Fragonard look that he sometimes rocks at parties is hott, but it might offputting the crips.

Like, a lot.

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