Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ashton Kutcher: Punk'd

Was Ashton Kutcher punkd by Bush?

From The Washington Post (Link via Wonkette):

"Speaking of celebs on the campaign trail: Ashton Kutcher is known as the guy on MTV who punks his unsuspecting Hollywood friends. But at a rally for Democratic veep candidate John Edwards at a Dubuque, Iowa, hockey rink yesterday, Kutcher told a rather excited crowd that he, too, has been punk'd -- by George Bush.

"'I thought he was a good ol' boy,' the Iowa native told the ralliers about why he voted for Dubya in 2000. But 'unlike Bush, I know how to admit when I was wrong.'

"Someone in the audience yelled, 'You got punk'd!' reports The (Washington) Post's John Wagner."

The Corsair softly chuckles.

"'Yeah, we got punk'd,' Demi Moore's boy-toy said to a round of cheers, adding: 'I'm not a politician, but I'm not an idiot, either. I just play one on TV.'"

In other news on the Kutcher front, via Femalefirst:

"Brittany Murphy has apologised for hinting ex-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher has a small manhood.

"The sexy actress, who dated the handsome star after meeting him on the set of 'Just Married', revealed Ashton's little secret on a recent US chat show while talking about his relationship with older woman Demi Moore.

"She said at the time: 'I suppose that the crux of their relationship is that, to him, age doesn't matter and, to her, size doesn't matter.' But Brittany insists she was just joking and has said sorry to the 'Punk'd' presenter for making the cheeky comments.

"She said: 'My trouble is I talk first and think later. I didn't mean to cause him any offence.'"


Anonymous said...

He was already punk'd the second he decided to step out of the house with that stache.


The Corsair said...

I was punkd by Ashlee Simpson.