Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Touch of Harry in the Night

"A largess universal, like the sun,His liberal eye doth give to every one,Thawing cold fear, that mean and gentle all mBehold, as may unworthiness define, A little touch of Harry in the night."
Shakespeare, Henry V

Given Harry's history with the paparazzi and how they photographed his mother after the grusome crash, you have to give the Prince a little leeway. Ka-pow! Prince Harry kicked a little paparazzi ass in the UK, according to Hello!Magazine:

"Prince Harry has found himself at the centre of a controversy after a late-night scuffle with a photographer.

"According to royal officials, the 20-year-old was leaving the London nightclub Pangaea in the early hours of Thursday morning when he was hit in the face by a camera. One of the snappers was then injured when Harry pushed a camera away, leaving the man wielding it with a cut lip."

"The injured party, Chris Uncle, reported the bust-up to police, but no action is expected to be taken. 'We are aware of the incident but no complaint has been made,' revealed a Scotland Yard spokesman. Clarence House has meanwhile stressed that the injuries were not caused deliberately.

"'Prince Harry was hit in the face by a camera as photographers crowded around him as he was getting into a car,' said a spokeswoman. 'In pushing the camera away, it's understood that a photographer's lip was cut.' The fracas comes soon after a television interview in which the third-in-line to the throne admitted that constant media attention made it very difficult for him and his brother William to lead normal lives."

You don't have to explain anything, Harry. Handle your business. It's all good.


(S)wine said...

Well, of course...too much Beefeater Gin in the system. And a little of the ol' Cheech and Chong in the bloodstream. WE know how much the fragile Prince loves his sensi.

The Corsair said...

that kids got some skillz.