Saturday, October 30, 2004

Guys on Which Guys are Hot

MyBlogisPoop does something really cool and kind of groundbreaking today.

One of my good friends, Oona, once said that there is nothing hotter than a straight man who can feel comfortable enough in himself to compliment another man on his attractiveness.

The Corsair has also noticed that his jet set acquaintances in the media world, often European -- The Corsair has a few of those he hits up for free lunches at power spots -- don't have that issue; in fact, many of them -- men -- cultivate perpetual tans and diet and work out and have no qualms about recognizing the attractiveness of a movie star, media type or politician.

That sounds eminently logical to me. I mean -- women do it all the time, notice how hott another woman is. No biggie. I can recognize an attractive guy -- say, David Beckham -- and not want to jump his bones. But to make this recognition aloud to my straight friends would, well, entail, uhm, "weirdness."

What is clear and logical in conversation with a sophisticated woman like Oona already grows cloudy and oblique once you factor in such tribal superstitions as our traditional roles and how straight men are supposed to act with one another in, say, a bar.

Although I have never discussed this with my male American friends, and, to be frank, it would be kind of odd, although, quite possibly very funny (why not?), as most of them are -- or at least profess to be -- social libertarians, I'm not against the idea of trying it. But what if I were to say, in the neighborhood bar, a propos of nothing, "Hey, dudes, what do you think about Chow Young Fat?"

Can you imagine what kind of shenanegans ensue?

Dude #1: "Oh, I loved The Replacement Killers, but he kind of jumped the shark a little in Anna and the King ..."

The Corsair: "No, no, not that -- I mean, not that way -- what do you think of him? Is he hott?"

There would be definite weirdness, guys.

Of course, we live in a society that idolizes the beauty of women, so there is nothing wrong with anyone talking about the model in the Lancome ad, the Paris Hilton tape, no problem with that whatsoever. Why is it okay for straight women to compliment the looks of another woman and then, on the other hand, when men do the same, social uncomfortableness arises.

MyBlogIsPoop, which The Corsair reads religiously, tackles the issue, honestly:

"Hot dudes.

"You heard me, we're going to talk about Hot Dudes today, and you can't stop me. And you know what, I'm not even going to preface it with 'I'm secure enough in my sexuality to recognize a hot guy blah blah blah.' Fuck that. Let's do it.First of all, I happen to think that I have good taste in guys. No, make that great taste. I definitely have better taste than a lot of the girls I know, which is unfortunate, considering I like chicks and all. But I think I know what makes up a good looking guy, and because I'm not a girl, I don't get sucked into the whole emotional aspect of it."

And he doesn't. A great blog post. Check it out here and post your hot guy suggestions. The Corsair did and it was liberating.


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