Monday, October 25, 2004

NBC's Andrea Mitchell: Powell, Bye Bye; Holbrooke, NSA not State

Andrea Mitchell, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC News and wife of methuselah Fed Reserve Board Chair, Allan Greenspan, can always be counted on for good scoop. But don't stand too close to her, she just may drain your blood. Mitchell, on NBC's Chris Matthews Show said in the "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" segment said that Colin Powell is leaving after this term should Bush win reelection, "... I am sure he is leaving," she said. Mitchell also said Powell's hopes for North Korea talks are his last stab at a legacy at State. What about Darfur?

And, about the gossip that Richard Holbrooke is after Foggy Bottom, she added that a possible Kerry Secretary of State, "it won't be Holbrooke -- he wants (to be National Security Advisor)."

So, of course, Matthews mentioned Senator Joe Biden, who, among the DC Chattering Classes is considered on Kerry's short list."

"Joe Biden ...," she replied, then, adding tantalizingly, "or possibly a Republican (like) Senator Dick Lugar."

Well, heady stuff, although The Corsair won't get his panties in a twist as Mitchell's record of predictions on the show isn't red hott.


(S)wine said...

Here's some scoop on Andrea Mitchell-I used to direct Chris' show from '94-00; she goes BERSERK if she's not shot through a different kind of electronic filter on all studio cameras. I mean BERSERK!!!! She has a horrifically-marked face from what could be called disfiguring acne (see Charles Bukowski) and will not go on air unless the engineers switch filters.

Also, Mike Wallace is the same. Though his face looks a bit better than Andrea's.

The Corsair said...

Oh, I believe it brother ... Andrea Mitchell is one scary character. She's got these big, dead shark eyes and this icy cold smile. The image of her and Alan Greenspan in connubial bliss *The Corsair shudders* So dark ... so very dark ...

(S)wine said...

Amen to that my good man! And...seeing how Greenspan likes to do EVERYTHING while taking a bath....ugh! Forget it.

Pass the gin.