Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Ving Rhames, Kojak. Psst. You want some mysteries, little girl? You want some crime tales? A llittle gritty urban street treat? Then, dear reader, what you want is a newjack Kojak, 'cause according to the AP, crime is ablout to undergo a tough time:

"'Who loves ya, baby?' Ving Rhames does.

"Rhames has signed with USA Network to a weekly series of 'Kojak,' debuting in March, Bonnie Hammer, president of USA Network and the Sci Fi Channel, said Tuesday. Filming begins in Toronto in January 2005.

"Production wrapped in August on a two-hour original movie, which will now serve as the premiere episode for the nine-week original series, the network said.

"Telly Savalas starred as the stylish, crome-dome Lt. Theo Kojak in the police drama, which aired from 1973-78.

"'Kojak' is a perfect USA series,' Hammer said in a statement Tuesday. 'The main character is a true American original, a crime-solver with an incredible mix of charm, street smarts and uncanny intuition. And in the hands of the great Ving Rhames, this is definitely not your father's Kojak.'"

Out: Jerry Allen Bradford, shot up by his own bitch. The doggie got up all gangsta in his grill cause he was giving his friends ice. And, a props of nothing, how come notorious criminals always have those sinister compound names?

Anyhoo, you'll remember that ass who tried to kill his dogs and wound up getting shot instead by one of them with quick paws? The SmokingGun has the poop:

"Meet Jerry Allen Bradford. The Florida dimwit, 37, has finally been arrested in connection with last month's attempted killing of seven puppies. Bradford, according to a police report, told Escambia County Sheriff's deputies that, after shooting three of the animals, he was 'holding one of the puppies in his left hand and another one in his arms, when the one in his arms began to wiggle.' The animal placed its paw on the trigger of Bradford's .38-caliber handgun, causing the weapon to discharge. Shot in the left wrist, Bradford raced to a Pensacola hospital, where he told cops he sought to kill the dogs because he was unable to find them a permanent home (investigators later discovered three puppies in a shallow grave at Bradford's residence).

"The four surviving animals were removed from the alleged puppy killer's home by animal control workers. After recuperating from the gunshot wound, Bradford was charged last week with felony animal cruelty and briefly booked into the Escambia County Jail, where he posted a $1500 bond."

In: Keith Richards. Not only does he sire hot chicks and play hott guitar licks, also, according to Ananova:

"Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is set to play Johnny Depp's father.

"Richards has agreed to the role in Pirates Of The Caribbean: Treasures Of The Lost Abyss reports

"Depp has admitted that he based his character Captain Jack Sparrow on the aging rocker when he shot the 2003 hit Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, and now the stars are reportedly set to team up on screen.

"Earlier this year, Depp was alleged to have expressed an interest in Richards playing his father."

Keith Richards in a Disney flick? We are living in the last days, people. The. Last. Days.

Out: Kimberly Stewart is engaged, and that's a damn shame, cause that's some fine ass:

Mighty fine ass indeed. According to something called the Big News Network:

"Rod Stewart's daughter, Kimberly, publicly announced her engagement to musician Cisco Adler by showing off her new ring at a Los Angeles music event.The 25-year-old rock offspring, whose mother is Stewart's first wife, Alana, has been unofficially engaged to Adler for some time, but Monday's appearance at the Radio Music Awards confirmed the news, reported Tuesday."

In: DVF. The fantastic Fashionweekdaily appreciated the fabulosity of the DvF cell phone party:

"'This is Diane von Furstenberg. Your phone is ringing.' And with that customized message (an actual option!), Vogue and Samsung�s party celebrating Diane von Furstenberg�s new cell phone kicked off loud and clear. With custom ring tones like 'Your lover!' and 'I have to tell you this' blended into the music playing throughout the party, models paraded throughout the second level of Henri Bendel wearing the designer�s frocks. As for von Furstenberg herself, when not chatting up a storm with party hostesses Alexandra and Theodora Richards, she, fur shrug and all, sat comfortably on a purple couch in, where else, her own in-store boutique. But did she always want to create a phone? 'No. This is something Vogue and Samsung put together,' she said truthfully. But she added, 'The people I cater to, for them a cell phone and lip-gloss go hand in hand. It was fun to create a phone with a holder that also doubles as a lip-gloss holder. And I chose a Warhol design because I think my young girls love Warhol. It looks like the phone fell into the painting.'"

More party news here.

Out: Excrement humor. There are certain things one comes to expect at a Jamie Foxx interview. If he's talking about his work on Ray, he will use the word "nuance," he will do his Ray impression and he will throw in a Mike Tyson impression. He will also segue into excrement. Always excrement. What would Freud say about that? He is fascinated by the subject -- here, in In Touch:

"In Touch: Did you ever get into any trouble when you were young, growing up in Texas?

"Jamie Foxx: Once, when I was really young, I stole what I thought was a candy bar from a grocery store. But it turned out it was really Ex Lax! For some reason, it seemed like a chocolate candy bar to me. So there I am, in my playpen, with my stoloen treat. Needless to say, I never stole anything again."

In: Musto Blind Items. We love Musto. This is a Musto-friendly space:

"What aging pretty-boy singer has a longtime partner, but was interestingly seen cavorting around a D.C. bathhouse? (Open relationship or just open legs?) What '80s rocker who always kept 'em guessing (like 'How dykey can she get?') did it with a bicoastal female publicist? What model who boasts about how writing comes so very effortlessly to her actually had a ghostwriter? What ex-child star says she's clean but was not long ago seen communing with a tall glass of wine? "

So very much more dish here.

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