Friday, October 29, 2004

Ashlee Simpson on 60 Minutes Sunday

Ashlee Simpson's 15 minutes of fame may just run out, ironically, on 60 Minutes this Halloween night. Frankly, The Corsair is a little miffed that Ashlee Simson punkd him and, to be frank, would love to robustly toss a Gruyere cheese in the general vicinity of her nose.

Anyhoo: Leslie Stahl profiles just how the SNL comes together, probably with some great shots of Jude Law progressively getting more and more exhausted as the week wears on, according to Drudgypoo:

"When Ashlee Simpson ran off the 'Saturday Night Live' stage last week after her lip-sinc flap, 60 MINUTES cameras were there to record her embarrassing exit and the reaction from show creator Lorne Michaels and other shocked staff members of the show. The exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the incident will be part of a Lesley Stahl report about the making of the venerable comedy program to be broadcast on 60 MINUTES Sunday, Oct. 31 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network."

Which may make for some awkward moments on the Manhattan cocktail party circuit between Stahl and Michaels, depending on how she finesses the piece.

"Stahl and her cameras were also present for the dress rehearsal of Simpson's performance when she also ran off stage because her voice failed her, necessitating the now notorious live lip-sinc performance that backfired. 60 MINUTES was at the show last Saturday night because Stahl had been shooting footage and interviews all week for a report on how the show is put together. Viewers this Sunday will learn and see how the show is conceived, written and produced each week."

Lordy, The Corsair wants the Lorne Michaels reaction shot to Ashlee Simpson for his screen saver.

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