Thursday, October 07, 2004

Rebecca Loos is causing a Ruckus ... Again

Rebecca Loos -- such a meaningful last name -- is causing a ruckus. Hoopla is probably involved. And I'm pretty sure there was also activities including tomfoolery. Do you remember the accurately named Ms. Loos? She's the David Beckham scandal lady. Surely -- and, don't call me Shirley -- This homewrecker, this hoochiemommy, this lady of ill repute ... cannot top Bending Beckham. Her side of the affair here.

Well, you won't believe what she's up to now. Now, you're going to want to sit your ass down for this. Seated? You may want to break out the hard stuff. Okay -- According to The Sun, Ms. Loos recently "stimulated a wild pig" -- and The Corsair is not talking about Colin Farrell here, mister -- on live tv. British Reality TV is so wackypoopoo:

"Horrified John Bayer, director of Mediawatch-UK, stormed: 'This is sickening ? it is nothing short of bestiality. It beggars belief that Five can think this is suitable for broadcast.

"'The show should be taken off the air immediately.' The RSPCA, which has complained to watchdog Ofcom about other antics on the show, accused producers of pandering to a 'morbid and sordid fascination with farm animals.'.

"Loos ? among celebrities acting as farmhands in the programme ? donned rubber gloves after she was picked to stimulate the boar ..."

And, of course, comes -- no pun intended -- the moral outrage:

"Hospital worker Matthew Hill, 34, of Cranbrook, Kent, said: 'Who wants to see a pig doing this on TV? I just had to turn the telly off.'

"Student Lydia Haines, 18, of Wythenshawe, Gtr Manchester said: 'It was vile ? one of the grossest things I?ve ever seen.'

"Andrew Butler, of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, fumed: 'This is just pure titillation and I?m sure Rebecca Loos was chosen for that reason.'"

And, let me tell you, when those PETA people fume (The Corsair covers his nose). It must be all those exotic vegetarian dishes at the PETA functions -- or something.

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