Friday, October 29, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

Above: In honor of the Autumn, Heidi Klum models her "smashing pumpkins"

In: Heidi Klum's Halloween Bash. According to Fashionweekdaily:

"Heidi Klum will host her annual Halloween party?now five years strong?at Marquee, which will be turned into a house of horrors, complete with flying bats. With two deejays spinning?Jus Ske in the front row and Stu Bronz on the mezzanine?Klum, who will be a witch, will get her groove on with Seal, while doing a little bit of self-promoting. 1,000 bags of limited edition Halloween candy have been specially produced for the evening, courtesy of Katjes, the company that manufactures Klum?s candy line (My Favorite Candies by Heidi Klum)."

Heidi Klum a witch? I can believe it -- that body is pure magic (The Corsair gets all dreamy eyed).

Out: Michael Alig, Auteur du cinema. Like the former King of Cambodia, Michael Alig wants to direct, only he's in the can. The final installment of the James St. James-Michael Alig prison conversations is up today, leaving us a little sad. Nothing lasts forever, we suppose. Anyhoo: Alig, who has waay too much time on his hands (don't all cons?), gets it into his fluffy head that he is the next goddamned Fellini. James St. James gently tries to inject Alig with a dose of realism about the enterprise. Hilarity ensues:

"James: (Slowly) So youre going to make movies about people who hate babies?

"Michael: No, no, no. In the vein of John Waters and FEMALE TROUBLE and DESPERATE LIVING and sick stuff like that. Then Ill have premieres in, say, five or six or 10 major cities across the country (and maybe even across the world, in Berlin and London!), and take 10, 15, 20 of the stars of the movie to each of the premieres in each of the cities and have fabulous Hollywood-style red carpet premieres, with the klieg lights and everything! And the people, the fans, can come to the party afterwards and mingle with the stars of the movie! Dont you think that would be fun?

"James: (Complete and utter silence) So you want to take your club-kid friends and make movies about them, like little Warholian-type things

"Michael: More John Waters.

"James: Um, but you don?t know anything about movies or directing movies.

"Michael: WELL, THAT?S THE WHOLE BEAUTY OF IT, JAMES! You know how the whole club-kid thing works! I dont have to make the movies. Its sort of like Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey. Andy didnt make the movies. Paul did.

"James: So youre going to find ...

"Michael: Ive already found somebody! Ive found a hundred people like that!

"James: Jeeez dont get defensive. Im just doing my duty, asking the questions."

In: Nelly and Christina. Nelly is after Christina like she's the last rib at a cookout, according to the Dish:

"Hip-hop star Nelly has been infatuated with Christina Aguilera since the pair duetted together on their forthcoming single 'Tilt Ya Head Back.'

"The rapper plays a 1940s gangster opposite Aguilera's sexy Marilyn Monroe lookalike in the video that accompanies the track.

"According to a spokesperson at record label Universal Music, the atmosphere between the stars was so electric on the set of the promo, it was obvious Nelly fell for the singer.

"Beverly Berringham, a spokeswoman for Nelly's Dirrty Entertainment firm, says the rapper gave Aguilera a gift of $55,000 worth of jewels as a parting present.

"Sources say that during filming the pair 'looked at each other with lusting eyes' and were spotted in 'suggestive positions' at Los Angeles' Mondrian Hotel."

What's the difference between lusting eyes, hungry eyes and Betty Davis eyes?

Out: The October Surprises. Already, both sides have started pulling news stories out of their collective asses for the weekend news saturation on the talking head shows for the last lap of the election. Of course, none of this could have been reported months ago -- no -- these stories only just come out now, coincidentally, the last week before the election.

Asshole strategists (on both sides).

In: Ingmar Bergman, Maestro. The Corsair is not worthy. Ingmar is our God. Seriously.

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