Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Garfleck: Out and About

Perhaps it's the romance of peak foliage season? Acid reflux? Or, perhaps, the Boston Red Sox surge just brought out the boldness in "Garfleck." Whatever the cause, "it" is no longer content to skulk in the shadows, haunting the Los Angeles hotspots in fear of the paparazzi glare. Clare Danes and Billy Crudup take heart -- Garfleck is on the loose, and, worse, they have been spotted "canoodling"! As chronicled by Hello!Magazine:

"Any doubts about Ben Affleck's rumoured romance with Jennifer Garner were laid to rest at the weekend, after the couple were pictured canoodling at a baseball game. Ben, who is a passionate Boston Red Sox fan, brought his new love along to watch his team take on the St Louis Cardinals. The pair caused quite a stir when they took their seats in the VIP box at Fenway Park.

"But they made no effort to conceal their affection for one another, kissing and cuddling despite the attentions of the other fans. Up until now the actor has worked hard to keep his relationship with Jennifer under wraps. The two first met on the set of the 2003 action flick Daredevil, but they didn't start dating until earlier this year. And Ben was anxious to avoid the kind of media frenzy that followed his failed romance with Jennifer Lopez."

"... But Jennifer might have some competition from one of her leading man's previous co-stars, because Matt Damon says he is looking forward to sharing his twilight years with the actor. 'I can well imagine growing old with him,' said the Bourne Supremacy hunk. 'My longest relationship with a woman lasted two and a half years. That's very short when I consider how long I've been friends with Ben.'"

The Corsair wants to sublet some space inside that adorable dimple of Garner's. But can a that dreamy dimple beat out ... "Southie Love"?


Anonymous said...

Garfleck.....genius. You should copywrite. - Casey

The Corsair said...

I love that dimple