Monday, March 22, 2004

Courtney's Underage Ted Nugent Sex Allegation

Another day Courtney Love bombshell, but this one is particularly disturbing, so I'll keep the snark to a minimum. One wonders if illegal underage sex is what Nugent means by quality of life upgrade that the Republican Party represents. On the Howard Stern Show today, Courtney Love admitted, after heavy questioning, to allegedly having had oral sex with Republican Ted Nugent at the age of twelve. This is an impossibly horrible revelation -- is there a statute of limitations for this sort of thing? -- and explains quite a bit about Courtney Love's disfunctional relationship to the rock and roll lifestyle.

At the Republican convention several years back, Nugent gushed to ABC News, via a chat:

"I was very proud to assist, with our Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of America Texas members, to send Ann Richards on her terminal nacho date with Cuomo and help elect a real American as governor of the great state of Texas. George W. Is my American Blood Brother."

Nugent runs the Ted Nugent Camp for Kids, which, according to their website:

"Following Fred's direction on their last hunt together, Ted created this incredibly successful Kamp for children to learn about nature and man together. A 100% volunteer 501C3 non-profit corporation. Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids is operated by qualified families and individuals who deeply care about children and their futures. Every child is treated with love, affection and spiritual guidance by our dedicated volunteers. Lessons in resource stewardship, individual accountability, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, Hunter Safety and law, International Bow Education (IBEP ) and basic lesson in life are driven home in an open honest ,caring setting in the wild. Two weekends each summer for kids 9-15 will touch will touch them deeply for up-grade. True North."

Finally, In a Salon interview in 2002, "(Nugent) names a wild boar after Janet Reno ('the only thing missing was the purple dress and he-man haircut'), and describes the same boar as emitting a 'Courtney Love-like squeal.'"

No doubt the very folks Page Six and/or another entertainment outlet will be all over this tomorrow. We hope they can get Nugent to explain himself so we can get to the bottom of Love's serious allegations and whether they have a basis in fact. (Ed Note: this is the end of the grotesque Courtney Love-Ted Nugent info. To my knowledge Nugent has never denied this and Coutney Love has said she was joking but never substantiated the allegations. For more posts on pop culture for May 2011 go here)

Recap, March 2004, Courtney Love on the Stern Show:

I'm sure that the evangelical former governor and current President would be pleased at the relation. Courtney Love called Howard Stern on his cell phone at around 8 am.

"She thinks she can just pick up her phone (and call me) and we'll be doing my radio show," said the amused Stern.

Apparently, Courtney has some trouble distinguishing between real life and the public persona, according to Howard's sidekick.

"He knows how to be Howard Stern when he's off the air," snapped Robin Quivers, curtly.

As the morning conversation continued, Stern asked Love, "so what's going to happen to you?"

"I'm gonna have to retire," replied Courtney, tongue in cheek.

On injured Daily News photographer Dara Kushner, Love was equally snarky, "her nose was grazed, but let's go out in an ambulance anyway."

And Love didn't mince words when it came to backing Howard on his FCC problems.

"Clear Channel can eat me -- give me some (props) for slamming Clear Channel for you."

"... That's very brave," replied Stern.

The two bantered about an upcoming Love appearance on Jay Leno. in which she hopes to come off as normal to America.

"Leno is Letterman Lite," attacked Stern, who has been feuding with the former Doritos pitchman since The Tonight Show swiped Stuttering John Melendez.

Finally, when Stern asked about the homeless man who suckled at her breast, she explained, "we were mobbed at a Wendy's -- I don't remember, he grabbed my body." Then, "how about I punch him and go to jail?"

Then when asked what would happen in her custody battle as a result of the offending picture, Courtney snapped, "don't you go near Francis (Bean), she's fine."

At "press" time, the two were still chatting it up; she had grabbed a cab from her loft came to the studio.


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