Monday, March 29, 2004

On The Anxiety of Influence of Coming Afer Bill Clinton and Run Against the House of Saud

Like Jackie Onassis, Bill Clinton exerts and anxiety of influence over all future Democratic candidates due to his charismatic 8 years in an ocean of conservative Republican rule during the latter quarter of the 20th Century.

The anxiety of influence that has colored Al Gore vanilla, and you -- Senator Kerry -- as fodder for the satirists is heightened by your lack of a definied character.

If you do not define who you are, The President has over $100 million reasons, donated by corporations to paint you in the image of Dukakis, lessons learned from Pappy, George Bush the Elder.

Run against the House of Saud, American enemies, and expert procurer of Russian prositutes; run against Grover Norquist, immensely corrupt Republican power broker, airlifter of questionable Saudi's immediately following 9/11; co-opt, co-opt, co-opt ...

And on matters of the military, they are neither Republican or Democrat at heart (although most will say that they are Republican, as military men and women have strong father fixations) but loyal to any President who doesn't diminish their role in world affairs. This amounts, to a degree, to a bribe. Walking the tightrope of keeping up military district appropriations and pay raises and attatching residents to UN peacekeeping ops will be tricky, but with a robust economy and a moderate Republican Secretary General (think george Bush the Elder, as a gift offering to the xenophobic anti-UN right wing) it can be managed.

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