Monday, March 29, 2004

Compassionate Capitalism

As The National Review reports, Compassionate Conservatism is dead, RIP. That having been said, compassionate capitalists are the new black, and you, Senator Kerry, would do best to associate with them. Co opt this abndoned piece of policy flotsam from the Republicans. Lou Dobbs nightly and patriotically blasts outsourcing who abandon America in this stagnant jobs economy. Warren Buffett is critical of politics as usual in California, George Soros is sour on the Republican fiscal solutions. Pete Peterson attacked the current climate. Paul Krugman always gets his George Bush on. Why are these men -- all respected capitalists -- veering towards the Democratic Party and why is it incumbent upon you, Senator, bring them under the tent?

One: The association with these respected capitalists, economists and financiers will warm corporate executives towards the Democratic Party and, through that, a new social contract with American workers and the US government, bringing the Democratic party a long way closer to being both the daddy and the mommy party, in the long term, strategically.

Two: The thawing relationship with corporate titans will fill Party coffers, which has been on the decline and is much needed against the wealthy Bush political machine.


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