Friday, March 19, 2004

Courtney Love at Bowery Ballroom

I'm hung over, I've got a bit of a cold, it was packed, but I enjoyed last night's show of Court Love at the Bowery Ballroom. She came on late, like almost two hours late, but that's to be expected. Courtney's singing sucked, except for "Voices Carry," which I thought was beautiful in it's own twisted/haunted way. But one doesn't go to a Court Love performance nowadays -- or at least last night -- to hear the music. We wanted to be a part of the drama. Gawker had this link of Courtney getting her boob sucked outside of Wendy's in New York Wednesday, thanks Gawker(you'll not that the booby sucker is reading the Village Voice, which at no point in time leaves his hands when providing said ministrations; a discriminating counterculturalist he).

Anyhoo: what can I say, I went there more for the spectacle and maybe to see her in panties and I was not disappointed, although I wish I was closer to the stage, the Bowery Ballroom was packed (Ethan Hawke and David Blaine, Kurt Loder and the MTV crew, Debbie Harry, Soprano star Little Steven, among others, were there) and spacious.

Honorary black man Roger Friedman at Fox 411 reports that NY Daily news photog Dara Kushner was hurt when Court crowdsurfed.

And the NY Post sums it all up:

"Before the show she quieted the audience and told them, 'If any of you plans on getting injured tonight, please go outside and get arrested now.'

"She struggled through her set, at one point saying, 'My voice has gone to hell. That's what a jail cell does to it.'

"During one song she stripped off her red velvet dress and sang in her bra and panties. She then covered up with a T-shirt that read 'Eat My F-.'"

(Update: Oh la vida loca, Courtney is at it again, playing to the cameras, her whole life on film; via Gawker via BluBox, Court is playing guitar outside a window in NYC basking in the attention. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down thy skanky hair ...)

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