Monday, March 29, 2004

Mwangaguhunga's President

As opposed to Machiavelli's Prince

(The Corsair will be its snarky and gossipy self tomorrow, but today I'd like to be a little political. Blame it on the Springtime weather here in NYC)

Diane Alouise

Ron Mwangaguhunga to the likely Presidential nominee:

It is customary most of the time for those who desire to acquire favor with a Presidential nominee to come to meet him with things that they care most for among their own or with the things that please him most. Thus, one sees them many times being presented with jars of jelly beans, pork rinds, and McDonald's Fillet O' Fish sammiches, brimming with polyunsaturated fats fitting to their greatness.

Anyhoo: Thus, since I desire to offer myself to Your Hairsprayness with some testimony of my homage to you, I have found nothing in my belongings that I care so much for and esteem so greatly as my snarky commentary laced with acute observation learned from my long experience watching pop culture from the sidelines. Having thought out and examined these things with great diligence for a long time, I have now reduced them to one small blog, I submit it to you, O Hairsprayness,

With regards,
The Corsair

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