Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Halle Berry Injured: Again?!

An injury prone Halle Barre. According to Rush and Molloy, back from vacation (welcome back!), is injured -- again:

"Halle Berry's ear infection is wreaking havok with her career.
The Oscar-winner's doctor forbid her from flying to Vegas to pick up the Female Star of the Year award Thursday at the ShoWest convention of movie exhibitors.

"Now, her aural trouble has forced her to drop out of the cast of the HBO drama 'Lackawanna Blues,' based on Ruben Santiago-Hudson's play about the boarders in a riotous rooming house in upstate Lackawanna.

Berry broke her arm during Gothika, as theAge reports,"Halfway through filming the movie, she broke her arm in a scene with co-star Robert Downey Jr, bringing the film to a screeching halt for four weeks. Upon her return, she worked for six weeks with a camouflaged cast on her right arm."

Downey joked, "I'm always willing to accept blame for anything that happens within 50 miles of me, but in this case, I felt so glad that I was sober when it happened, (because when I'm not) everything on Earth would be my fault."

And then there was Catwoman. Kron (no relation) channel 4 reported at the time, "Halle Berry was taken to a hospital after colliding with a piece of set equipment while filming a running scene for "Catwoman" but is now back at work, production spokesman Joe Everett said.

"The accident was quite minor, Everett said Tuesday, denying reports that the Oscar-winning actress was hit in the head with a microphone boon and spent six hours in a hospital waiting room."

And then, who can forget the car accident? The Seattle Times can't, "For the record, the actress was cited for leaving the scene of a car accident in February 2000 on the Sunset Strip. She said at the time that she hit her head and has no memory of speeding away from the scene. She was fined $13,500 and ordered to serve 200 hours of community service.

It proved to be a wake-up call for Berry, who said she changed everything in her life after that.

"I really believe you manifest what you think, and I was thinking all wrong before the accident," she said. "Since then, I've started thinking that life is good and that I deserve all the good things that are happening to me."

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