Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Warren Beatty to Blog


He's so vain, I'll bet he thinks this blog is about him (image via Christenvulve).

Warren Beatty, evidently, is the latest addition to this new, mysterious "Huffington Report" blog project that we've been hearing so much about. According to the salmon colored weekly:

"The Observer has learned that Warren Beatty, the 68-year-old actor and director, will likely join a lineup of liberal all-stars who will 'group blog' on a Web site to be launched next month by columnist Arianna Huffington.

"'I probably will,' Mr. Beatty said, on the phone from his production office in Los Angeles.

"The 'Huffington Report,' as Ms. Huffington has dubbed it, will also feature such boldface bloggers as Senator Jon Corzine, David Geffen, Viacom co-chief Tom Freston, Barry Diller, Tina Brown and Gwyneth Paltrow. If the name seems to echo that of the Drudge Report�the mega-site operated by the rightward-tilting unofficial editorial director of America�s news cycle, Matt Drudge�well, it�s supposed to.

"And Mr. Beatty approved of that."

Swell and lovely. Welcome Warren ... welcome to the blogosphere, this thing of ours. But, to be perfectly honest, we would have loved to see a Warren Beatty blog circa the 70s, with particular emphasis on the sexually prurient details of the various starlets, assorted Madame Alex and Heidi Fleiss girls, threesomes-with-socialites and the random quickies.


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

As long as he leaves out all the Liz Taylor parts (ew)...

The Corsair said...

And the Madonna parts, too. That whole hitting on Jose Conseco thing skeeved me out.

Sylvester said...

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