Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Grouphug. Every time The Corsair ends up reading Grouphug, becomes entangled into their sinister magnetic orbit, two words come to the forefront of our righ brain immediately: Camus' Stranger. The sheer reptilian amorality on display here ... *The Corsair shudders*

Sure, they are often hilarious and amusing confessions by generally harmless people, but some are really dark. And these are young 'uns, the 17-35 demographic, falling closer to 17 than 35. A sampling:

"i sold my friends car for drugs and i feel great about it. i tell him every single day that i did it too and he doesnt believe me. he thinks it was stolen, and that just makes me laugh so hard because i really did and i feel really good about doing it."

And this: "I voted for George Bush and I'm NOT sorry.I hate scene kids.I wish that everyone who said they were moving to Canada really would, but, go figure, none of them will because they're all too busy talking about it/writing in their livejournals about it and not doing it."

Like The Corsair said: Dark. More Grouphug.

Out: Senator Trent Lott. Pity Trent Lott. He got Punk'd! In the past week he was getting good press in Southern papers for attempting to stall base closings. It looked as if he might have some small victory, some consolation, something to keep that head of perfectly sprayed Senator held high over.

Nope! Unfortunately, Lott telegraphed his intentions (big mistake, grasshopper), and got trumped via a Bush-Rove asswhipping, hardball-stylee, according to The Old Gray Lady:

"Senator Trent Lott, a Mississippi Republican who strongly opposes the coming round of base closings, has been holding up a vote by the full Senate since last month on Mr. Bush's choice to lead the panel, Anthony J. Principi, a former secretary of veterans affairs, senior Republican aides said. Mr. Lott was expected to do the same to the panel's eight other members if the Senate Armed Services Committee approved them, as expected, as early as next week, the aides said.

"But Mr. Bush dashed any plan Mr. Lott may have had to stymie the process, a precursor to the first major round of base closings in a decade, by appointing members to the panel while the Senate was in its spring recess, thus eliminating the requirement of Senate confirmation."


In: The Biggie Smalls Biopic. There is big buzz surrounding the Notorious B.I.G. biopic project, and its easy to see why -- the built-in hip hop audience, the "sexy" subject matter; but that all depends on who plays the deceased rapper, and if he is believable. To that end, The Corsair would like to nominate the acting sensation known as, "Faizon Love."

But we digress. MTV writes:

"'We've thrown a few names around, like Big O [actor Waverly W. Alford II] from '8 Mile.' Maybe Anthony Anderson ... because he has the humor. A few people said Guerilla Black, but we don't know how that's going to play out.'

"Cheo Hodari Coker, author of "Unbelievable: The Life, Death and Afterlife of the Notorious B.I.G.," will write the film - which will apparently focus as much on the man - the love for his kids, his love of west Indian cooking - as the music."

In no particular order, though right?

Out: JAMES Edstrom. James Edstrom ... sounds like he exaggerates; James Edstrom ... needs to take a chill pill. According to those intrepid Page Sixxies:

"JAMES Edstrom, a photographer who always asks for permission before he snaps, asked Alan Cumming one too many times the other night at B Bar. The Scottish actor said no twice. 'I asked him why he always acts this way,' Edstrom told PAGE SIX. 'He sent the bouncers to attack me. They grabbed me and dragged me outside and beat me up. They kept kicking me and tried to get the camera away from me. They beat me to a bloody pulp. My hands have rope burns from trying to hang onto the camera. They took my camera and smashed it. Meanwhile, I never even took a pic of Alan Cumming.' A B Bar manager said, 'I doubt that happened.'"

Somewhere, between these two clearly overexaggerated entrenched positions, lies what actually happened that night, Reality. Bloody pulp? Not likely, not in fron tof the B Bar; but, certainly, something unsavory happened; surely, something unseemly occurred. We just can't figure out precisely what?

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