Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mariah: BondGirl?


Okay -- Granted: It would have been perversely interesting to observe Mariah's psychological health disintegrate on camera had her album tanked. But it didn't. And, we suppose we are glad for that, however intriguing it would have been to see "The Incarceration of Mimi." (The Corsair sighs and looks forlorn) Mariah's hott now. The 3AM Girls elaborate:

"The diva - whose Emancipation Of Mimi album reached No.1 in the US and Japan - is being tipped to star in a forthcoming Bond film.

"A source close to the singer reveals: 'Since her comeback started the offers have come flooding in. She's in talks about playing a Bond girl and is also about to design her own range of diamond jewellery.'"

We'll pass over the bling in considerable silence and swoop down on the Bond Girl morsel. All good Bond Girls have to have a catchy pornish sobriquet, like "Pussy Galore," "Miss Goodthighs," or, our personal favorite, "Kissy Suzuki." How about Mariah? What should Mariah Carey's Bondgirl name be? In light of the whole padded-walls TRL performance, would "Voices Carey" work? Screaming Mimi? Mimi LaCrazy? Honey JeterStalker? Madame Butterthigh? We give ..

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