Friday, April 22, 2005

Pamela Anderson, Booze and Hep C

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Hep C notwithstanding, Our Girl Pam can still knock them back like a Canadian lumberjack on lunchbreak, according to the 3AM Girls:

"The busty babe was a picture of elegance when she arrived at the posh London store Selfridges to launch Vegas Supernova, a month-long event celebrating 100 years of Sin City on Wednesday night.

"But fast forward a couple of hours and Pammie, 37, was committing a few sins of her own after knocking back the booze.

"Our spy at the swanky bash - organised by the store's billionaire owner Galen Weston - tells us: "'When Pammie arrived on the red carpet she looked incredible.

"'She was the guest of honour and she exuded polished A-list glamour.'

"'It all started to go downhill in the restaurant.'

Apparently, Pam was hitting the Pink Champagne, which, aside from the crime of a louche beverage choice, (Averted Gaze) -- the lubricant of choice for retail office parties everywhere -- it is also very bad for sufferers of Hep C, which Pammie is. You'll remember that she got it -- or at least she said she did -- from sharing a tattoo needle (eew) with her superskanky ex-husband, Tommy Lee. Just mentioning his name is a justifiable reason to get DNA tested for an STD. The 3AM Girls continue:

"Our spy said: 'By around 1am she was well-oiled and cosying up with snapper David LaChappelle. "A Las Vegas band called the Pussycat Dolls performed and she told them she thought they were very sexy girls."

"'... She didn't want to call it a night until 4am,' we're told. But by the time she left, it seemed it was a major battle just to keep her outfit up and in place."

Says Hepatitis Central, "Alcohol consumption and a concomitant hepatitis C virus infection apparently facilitate the development of hepatitis."

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