Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My Amy Fine Collins Cast Fetish

(image via picassotopop)

Alright (The Corsair blushes profoundly). The Corsair would like to cop to a kinky fetish. It's a doozy. And why not do it on a media-centric blog for all the media elite to see? So, Here goes: "Casts".

There -- The Corsair said it. Damsels-in-distress get me all sexed up as all get out.

The Corsair has a thing for ladies in casts (NSFW!). Call it a vicious ... ancillary byproduct of The Florence Nightingale Syndrome, but it is so. Regard me thusly. This how I am; love me or leave me.


Call me a sick freak, but there is nothing quite so sexy as a little hott "gam" stealing out from 'neath the fiber glass (*The Corsair shudders*). The crutches are the coup de grace (The Corsair kisses the tips of his fingers lustily like a fine gourmand). Ooohlala, c'est bon -- The orthopedic shoe just ... doesn't have quite the same panache.

By the way, The Corsair is just kidding about that. Totally. The fact, though, that there are dozens of sites around the web devoted to "people with a fetish for plaster casts" says all one needs to know about the decline of Western Civilization. (Averted Gaze)

We bring up cast fetishism because pixieish Vanity Fair contributor, Amy Fine Collins believes many, many men are "Casties," with "footsex" issues, says fashionweekdaily:

"Amy Fine Collins showed up to the Cartier mansion last night for Carolina Herrera's bridal collection show with bandages around her knee. Turns out the author and Vanity Fair contributor slipped over the weekend while ice skating with her daughter, Flora, at Wollman Rink, tearing a ligament in her right knee. Never one to let unexpected accidents get her down, Collins donned her very best Carolina Herrera outfit and hobbled like a trooper to the show. 'I wanted to keep the banding theme consistent,' she joked, noting the wide horizontal bands that ran across her jacket and skirt that complemented the Velcro straps of her knee brace. She also wore 1 �-inch suede Manolo Blahniks despite her doctor's orders to wear flats.

" ... Collins -- who sported a brace that covered most of her right leg and a single crutch--observed that she had all of a sudden been getting a lot more attention from men. 'They're saying things like, You must be very strong to walk like that, or Can I help you with this or with that? It might just be some sort of Helmut Newton-kinky thing-- just another form of fetish.'"

Okay, The Corsair wasn't kidding! We lied! Show us that plastered up "gam," Amy! Don't hop away mad! Come oooon! (In a cracked falsetto) "Daddy" wants to paint your toenails for you!

The full, sick story on Fashionweekdaily (mend well soon, Amy Fine Collins)


Rasputin said...

Women in bandages and casts is actually a rather common fetish amongst Japanese "adult entertainment" products. I believe it's referred to as "broken doll" fetish.

The Corsair said...

See, I'm not a freak after all. I'm simply turning Japanese.

slyboots2 said...

Wasn't there a movie back in the 90s about amputees and sexual fetishes surrounding them? Does this relate? Or am I just barking up the wrong kinky tree? I thought it was directed by David Lynch's daughter, and am too lazy to check IMDB right now.

The Corsair said...

I'm not sure about the amputee fetish film -- although it sounds familiar, but there was also David Cronenberg's Crash, with crash fetishists. I find these things endlessly fascinating, "trauma fetishes." What causes them? I'm still amazed rasputin knew about broken doll fetishism. Hi Eliza!

Anonymous said...

Leg castsand braces are certainly sexy! Just a way to accentuate the ladies leg - to draw attention to her toes.

Ask Helmut