Friday, April 01, 2005

Sir Asshole

Above: Like Aristotle's Prime Mover, Sir Ben Kingsley, when left to his own devices, contemplates his own excellence.

We never actually believed the rumors about Alexandra Kingsley's account of Sir Ben Kingsley's supernatural arrogance. No one would insist that his own wife call him "Sir." That's crazytalk. Then, this from Moviehole:

"Moviehole: In 'Mrs. Harris' do you have scenes with Annette Benning or Ellen Burstyn?

"Chloe Sevigny: I have scenes with Annette Benning when she gets nasty at me. She can get nasty, it was an excellent performance but most of my scenes are with Sir Ben Kingsley. I play his nurse and young girlfriend.

"Moviehole: Was he nasty to you as well?

"CHLOE: No. He was nothing but nice.

"Moviehole: But he does insist on calling him 'Sir'�

"CHLOE: He does which is fine."

WTF?! Which reminds us (via contactmusic):

"A source tells British newspaper the DAILY MAIL, 'When Ben got his knighthood three years ago, he got his secretary to send all his contacts a letter, reminding them that he was now to be referred to as Sir Ben.

"'To say many of us thought he was a plonker would be the understatement of the year.'"

Plonker, roughly translated as asshole.


(S)wine said...

Do we detect a tiny bit of envy? If you would like, we could start calling The Corsair, Sir. Or better yet: Most Honourable Sir.

(S)wine said...

To have my wife call me Sir (or even Sire) has been a lifelong ambition.


(I hate emoticons)

The Corsair said...

hmm , maybe ben is right

(S)wine said...

Naaah, we'll stick with The Corsair: he's an arse.

The Corsair said...

"Sir" has a nice ring to it, but he should have let Chloe Sevigny -- a coworker -- call him Ben.