Thursday, April 14, 2005

Rosie O'Donnell on Michaels?


(Image via "Bring it ..."

She was a stand up comedian, then she was Madonna's "chosen one," then she was a Morning TV-host who had an obscene obsession with that which she called "My Tommy," now, in later life, she is our Sapphic Philosopher Queen. According to those intrepid Page Sixxies:

"JANN Wenner lunching with Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and her cousin, Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger, at Michael's, where Rosie O'Donnell was working the room."

Which reminded us to check up on the Rose blog to see if she mentioned her bout of media glad-handing at the chattering-class eaterie. Although she is in Miami, Rosie posted "Rich Man Poor Man," about a bedraggled beggar named "Michael," which, and under a rather loose Straussian interpetation -- okay, we're grasping at straws -- could pass for a symbolic description of the media-centric New York restaurant. In this week's episode, Rosie ogles a handsome schizophrenic peasant:

"i turn toward him slowly/
�'hi - what�s your name?'/
" i ask extending my hand/
"he stares at it �
"then takes it 'michael...michael' - /"

Oh, snap! Is that, like, a covert Plato's Symposium "Poverty/Plenty" reference? Media as impoverished yet an embarassment of riches?

"he says and becomes distracted/
"i wait till me comes back he does/
"'why did you shrink your hands?'/
" he asks, perplexed/
"i hold his eyes'/
they are not shrunk, /
"i am a woman, /
"my hands are smaller then yours. /
"hold yours up, i will show you'
" he does and i do"

That's so meaningful! You know what they say about small hands ... Comments on the Rosie blog are back, BTW. Joy!

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