Saturday, April 02, 2005

Gatecrasher/Musto Blind Items

Gossipmonger Ben Widdicombe's excellent Gatecrasher serves up some juicy blind items today, like:

"Which much-photographed small-screen golden couple both have lovers on the side?"

Donald Trump and Melania Knauss? Jessica and Nick? Who?!

"Which actress and singer in a troubled marriage has moved back in with her parents on the sly?"

Whitney Houston? The Corsair is stumped. Who? Someone email me!

And, lest we forget, the fantastic Michael Musto served up some near impenetrable blind items this week, of which these remain tangled, at least in The Corsair's mind. Please enlighten me:

"Which swiveling pop star has been known to pick up guys in the steam room at a Miami hotel gym�a lot?"

The Corsair is clueless. Baffled. Usher? Ricky Martin? Who?!

What handsome ex-series star (a Golden Globe winner) once flirted with a guy across the aisle on a plane and even tried to follow him into the bathroom, to the consternation of the actor's young male 'assistant'?"

Again, baffled. We'd say Jason Bateman, but "Arrested Development" is not cancelled, just embattled, future unsure. Kelsey Grammar? Michael J. Fox? Who?!

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