Friday, April 15, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


In: Uberguber and Deniro. The minute the Mafia cop story got out you could almost hear the sound of a thousand studio execs expensive shoes hustling, trying to get the rights to tell this story. According to Rush and Molloy, Deniro and Peter Guber (above) are at the top of the food chain:

"Moviemakers and publishers continue to pant for the story of accused Mafia cops Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa.

We hear Peter Guber's Mandalay Pictures and Robert De Niro's Tribeca Films have the inside track on a deal with the two men alleged to be the Mob's Finest. Universal would pay for the rights.

"Caracappa lawyer Ed Hayes, who also counts De Niro as a client, confirms he has talked with the actor's partner, Jane Rosenthal. But Hayes insists there's no deal and 'I'm not interested in discussing one while the case is pending.'"

While we give the definite edge to Deniro, for his godlike status among the Goodfella set, as well as the "Ed Hayes connection," (What is it with Ed Hayes knowing every chatterer in the chattering classes?) however, we never count Uberguber out of the running.

Out: Officier dans l'Order des Arts et des Lettres. (Averted Gaze) According to SFGate's Dish, Bruce Willis is receiving the "honor" (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment), that clearly doesn't take into account Die Hard 3:

"Hollywood hardman Bruce Willis was honored in Paris Wednesday for his contribution to the film industry -- by the French government.

"The 50-year-old actor was made Officier dans l'Order des Arts et des Lettres at a ceremony in the capital, where he was presented his honor by French Culture Minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres."

A while ago, on the Howard Stern Show we learned that Bruce Willis bestowed what can only be properly construed as a "Greek honor" to porn star Alicia Klass.


In: Ermenegildo Zegna. It's not just all about Adrien Brody anymore. We like Zegna (And no, we aren't paid to say that). According to Fashionweekdaily, NFL star Tom Brady is being outfitted for his hosting duties on Saturday Night Live by the swelegant clothiers:

"The New England Patriots quarterback and two-time Super Bowl MVP is being outfitted by Ermenegildo Zegna for his first time on the hit NBC show. Brady will sport a made-to-measure outfit, including a nappa leather blazer that he personally requested from the house. But this isn?t the first time the hunky jock has worn Zegna; Brady wears the design house?s clothes for all of his public appearances?off the field."

Out: "Tyrades." Let's face it, Tyra Banks blew things way out of proportion. She needs to calm herself. According to the excellent Fashionweekdaily, "Tyrade, noun: A scary, raging, shrill rant that ultimately proves true and full of self-help knowledge. Must involve finger-wagging and a hair flip." (The Corsair snaps twice, then does a demi-plie)


Above: Jay Cantor and Andrew Solomon. Some ambient "Bossa Nova" discretely playing on the stereo. A freshly squeezed glass of Uruguayan peasant's blood. In other words: A Perfect evening on the Upper East Side.

In: The Jill Spalding cocktail party. Last night Our Favorite Social Chronicler was uptown, "Last night Jill Spalding had a cocktail party at her apartment high above Park Avenue drawing a smart crowd of the highly cultured and the culture mavens including Richard Meier, Stephanie Krieger and Brian Stewart, Margo Langenberg, Ashton Hawkins and Johnny Moore, Maria Cooper Janis, Rosetta Miller, Jay Cantor, Leonard Lauder, Libby Kabler, Donald and Barbara Tober, Connie Spahn, Bruce and Stephanie Winston, Rene Fleming, Jennifer Chun, and George Soros were all expected ..."


(S)wine said...

oddly, Guber looks much like Joe Pesci circa Goodfellas/Casino.

slyboots2 said...

Damn. That Miss Banks has fire. She's a vixen! I'm gonna learn from that. Or she might hunt me down and hurt me! Watch your back Ron- I wouldn't provoke her!

The Corsair said...

Guber does have "a touch of the Pesc" about him, no? Tyra is fire, "tyrade" or not.

Larry Hertzog said...

Delta brings Shootout to disc
Six-disc set launched as 'film school in a box'
By Scott Hettrick 11/10/2005

NOV. 10 | AMC�s Sunday Morning Shootout is coming to DVD designed as a �film school in a box,� according to distributor Delta Entertainment.

The six-disc set of the first season of the weekly program, which focuses on the business of the entertainment industry, will include hours of bonus features revolving around hosts Peter Bart, editor of Variety, and producer Peter Guber as well as the full 25-minute interviews with guest actors and filmmakers that are cut to about 10 minutes for the half-hour show.

Delta will release Sunday Morning Shootout: The Best of Season 1 on Dec. 27 in association with Davis-Anderson Merchandising Corp. The first season includes interviews with Clint Eastwood, Charlize Theron, Denzel Washington, Harvey Weinstein and Bruce Willis as well as episodes produced on location at films festivals such as Sundance and Cannes.

Noam Dromi, who produced the DVD along with Evan Geerlings, said the discs also include a �day-in-the-life� documentary with Bart and Guber as they go about their regular day jobs and then head to the studio to record another episode of the show. Also offered is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the program.

Anticipating that the DVD will reach consumers who might be unfamiliar with the show and yet interested in learning about the business side of the film industry, each DVD will be presented with a specific theme, such as �The Triple Threat: Actor/Director/Producer� and �The Executive Shuffle: Revenge of the Hollywood Suits.� The six discs will be sold in a deluxe set or in two-packs.

Delta launched the DVD division of the 30-year-old music company in the late �90s.

�The Shootout experience is a must-have resource for aspiring filmmakers and everyone who loves movies,� said Delta president Eric Diltz. He said the program �reflects the company�s commitment to supply the domestic home entertainment marketplace with quality, entertaining, viable product.�

In its third season on AMC, the Scott Sternberg production is scheduled to reach its 100th episode this spring.

�We always had envisioned DVD as part of our long-term strategy for the series and believe Delta Entertainment is the ideal company to distribute it,� said executive producer Sternberg.