Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jay Z: What "Time" is it?


(image via Harperacademic)

Fashionweekdaily spent some quality Time -- capital "T" -- with hypercapitalist Jay Z on the subject of Time. (A considerable pause) Fucking deep, yo. His "Zeit," playa, is sharper than his "Sund," let me tell you:

"Fashionweekdaily: Did you have any design input on these watches?

"Jay Z: Yes, it was very important for me to do it right. I wanted these watches to be very tasteful. There�s no 'bling' on these watches; I didn�t want them wearing a backwards cap."

Swell and lovely. But ... The Corsair still has "99 problems" with that answer. Like, aren't rappers supposed to be more nimble on "the improv tip"? We expected so very much more from a slinger of rhyme. We expected him to turn his street knowledge on "the problem of death," and the puzzle of the "diamond gleam." And where was his hard knock hustle on "dasein"? Alas. Another day.

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