Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Queen Latifah: Burger Queen


Queen Laifah is a "sassy mamma," as they say in Harlemworld. Always has been. Brassy, even. My friend "Pookie," on 125th street (holla back, Pook), who likes a woman "pushin' a little extra cushion," as they say, swears by Queen Latifah's "sassets." Some of that sass, via something called Moviehole:

"Anyone who's ever had to deal with a boss who's a jerk can relate to that, and how you really just want to tell their ass off one good time and walk out the door. So I'm doing it (in Beautyshop) for everyone who really wants to do it. I've got to do that one time in my life, and I know how it felt. I quit Burger King because the manager disrespected me. So after I tore him a new one I walked up out of there. Okay, actually he said I was fired, but I was going to quit anyway [Laughs]."

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