Monday, April 04, 2005

Did Governor George Pataki Turn Down Turtle Bay?


This is one of the strangest stories making the rounds. Something about this has the old spidey sense tingling. Despite an utter lack of foreign policy experience, New York Governor George Pataki was floated as a possible United Nations replacement for former Ambassador John Danforth. Remember? At the time The Corsair wrote:

"The onset of the second Bush Administration (Of the second Bush Administration) means all the cards in the deck of the Republican Party are being reshuffled accordingly. The Inaugural Balls and gala's and parties wind down as resignations of Cabinet members are accepted, new nominees are shuttled en route to Senate confirmation, and -- most of all -- intrigue is on high inside the walnut-paneled back rooms of the Capitol, where all the deals are made.

"Consequently, that fascinating. high stakes Zero sum game that is being played out so expertly by Governor George Pataki (a 'Very Serious Player, Indeed' who was, incidentally/ironically, invited to the Trump wedding) and 'Quite A Smooth Operator,' former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, one of the luckiest men in politics (Machiavelli would tip his hat), gets kicked up a notch.

"Republican political insider and soi disant, 'Prince of Darkness,' Robert Novak today put forth this interesting proposition:"Sources close to New York Gov. George Pataki say he has been asked whether he would consider filling the vacancy of U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

The Corsair assumed that everything went sideways after conservatives -- okay, National Review -- went after Pataki's record, pronouncing him moderate and therefore unpalatable to the Right. Never has so much political capitol been lost by a single article in an opinion journal (Or so we surmise). Overnight, it seemed, Pataki 2008 Presidential hopes evaporated, and, it appeared, the hypothetical Turtle Bay trial balloon was summarily withdrawn. Quite the contrary. According to Capital News 9, George Pataki actually stone cold turned down the post. Hmm:

"Sources tell Capital News 9's sister station NY1's Davidson Goldin, the White House offered Pataki the job earlier this year. Pataki reportedly declined in part because he wanted to be governor for at least one on-time budget.

"The White House is not commenting on the story.

"On March 7, President George W. Bush named John Bolton to the UN post."

Fishy; and the story, which briefly came up for air on Sunday disappeared so fast. Any of my connected media Corsair readers want to investigate this story further? Feel free.

Something is not quite right in the state of Denmark, as they say, and The Corsair's media antennae are in confusion. We know Pataki's an old Yale pal of the President's, and he won't publicly say something to make the Governor look bad ... but ... this seems .. highly ... implausible. You know? Someone at the White House has the definitive answer, methinks.

Enquiring minds want to know.

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