Saturday, April 02, 2005

Jane Fonda: Life So Far


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Jane Fonda turns up on 60 Minutes, of all places, to be interviewed tomorrow night by Leslie Stahl, of all people, about the minor disturbances surrounding her new book. Odd, to see a woman of her elevated social station -- Oscar winner-movie star, antiwar activist, billionaire's trophy wife -- going on about purchasing hookers for 3-ways, during the 60s, with French film director ex-ex-husband.

So what? Actually, the way The Corsair would phrase it would be more like -- That's all?

That's Monastic behavior -- very 12th Century morality -- compared to what most of us would have engaged in were we prowling about in the era of free love. Perhaps Nature in her Wisdom was right to keep most of us out of those precincts, no?

But what are we to make of the "revelation"? Jane experimented in the 60s. Oooh, that's "controversial." Is this mere titillation a la Barbarella to drum up book sales? God, knows that with her AOL shares she doesn't ... wait ... Maybe she does?

Or maybe a still sexy woman wants the world talking about her sex life, perhaps.

Anyway, The Arizona Central reviews her book, thusly, revealing:

"Just a month into their 1991 marriage, Jane Fonda discovered that her new husband, Ted Turner, was cheating on her. She put the pieces together while sitting in a car waiting for Turner at CNN Center downtown when she spotted Turner's lunchtime conquest hiding behind a pillar.

"'I remember sitting there, my heart pounding, my mind imploding,' Fonda writes in her new autobiography 'My Life So Far,' due out Tuesday but available on some local shelves Friday.

"'Ted was ashen when he got into the car, behind the wheel. That's when I began hitting him about the head and shoulders with the car phone ... I poured my water bottle over his head and crying and shaking, said, 'I sure hope it was great ... because you just blew it with me. I'm outta here.'"

Back in the early 90s, celebrities used car phones to bash people over the head. Celebrities now utilize fist-blackberry-pager overhand right combos.

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