Saturday, April 16, 2005

Catfight: Judith Regan Versus Jenna Jameson


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Gee, if we were Judith Regan, and we just got caught having an embarrassing affair thingie with a mobbed-up former police commissioner who just dropped out of the Homeland Security position to the exquisite embarrassment of the White House, we'd -- you know -- like, just kinda just let what's bound to be a very high profile titillating lawsuit with the biggest porn star in the world slide (No pun intended).

Newly minted Los Angelino, Judith Regan has better things to worry about than going after an "adult film actress" (films in which her mouth does not have a speaking part) with an A & E deal right about now. But no (We are guessing Regan's going after the "superaggressive"-Regan-copyright approach at the get go) -- that pugnacious, homewrecking hussy is going to wrestle and writhe in the litigious mud ("oh ... goody"), in full media view (The Corsair whistles, lasciviously, America: The Beautiful), with porn star Jenna Jameson ("yess!"), over a paltry taste of her measly latest reality show deal on A & E (Averted Gaze; Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).

To all of this "thusness," we can only say, with a joyous heart and a truculent roar: "Catfight!"

According to the AP:

"'How to Make Love Like a Porn Star' author Jenna Jameson has filed a federal lawsuit to bar her publisher from getting a cut of a proposed reality show featuring the adult film actress.

"Jameson's lawsuit asks a judge to rule that an April 2004 development agreement signed with Regan Media doesn't apply to a deal Jameson negotiated herself with A&E for a show based on her daily life."

"In the lawsuit, Jameson, who lives in the Phoenix area, claims the A&E deal was negotiated before the Regan Media agreement."


"Regan Media owner Judith Regan countersued, saying the 2004 agreement with Jameson gives Regan Media the exclusive rights to negotiate with television networks for a reality show.


"The countersuit says Jameson, whose real name is Jenna Massoli, violated the agreement by negotiating a contract with A&E without Regan Media."

The Corsair mixes the mud, readies the hott oil, whistles "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."

"David Bodney, an attorney representing Regan Media, declined to comment. He referred calls to Harper Collins, whose ReganBooks division published Jameson's best-selling biography in August. A spokesman for Regan Books didn't return a phone message left late Thursday.
An attorney for Jameson didn't immediately return a phone call Thursday."

Oh, it's on, dear readers (Conspiratorial wink); it's on like Gray Poupon!


erl said...

ha! that's great!

Peggy Archer said...


Where's the betting window?

I'm putting $20 on Regan.

The Corsair said...

Somewhere, Andrea Dworkin is shaking her head and pointing to this post, saying, "see"?

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