Saturday, April 02, 2005

Michael Douglas' Alleged Pseudo-Facelift Something


The Corsair is going to say at the outset -- au commencement, if you will -- that these are alleged photos of a facelift in terrible repair. They come from TheSun; this is what they say -- The Corsair is skeptical. The scarring -- fucking yuck -- in question behind the ears suggests that some work may have been done. says of these affairs, world weary, "of scarring associated with a facelift, often the scar in the crease behind the ear is the most objectionable to the patient. This is because scarring in this area has a higher tendency to widen and thicken compared to the scarring in other areas of the face.

"When scars are placed in the hair behind the ear, there is almost always a permanent change in the hairline and the hair must be styled to provide camouflage for this area."

But Michael Douglas is a wealthy man (The Douglases are the 285th wealthiest people in the UK), and well (Averted Gaze), he quite probably just, ehr, cut himself shaving. You know? Or some ... activity ... golfing injury, perhaps, that scabbed up the hairline just around the ear that suspiciously is also the place where facelift scars might also appear. Sometimes.

Isn't this awkward?

So ... fucking disgusting, though (The Corsair scrunches his eyes ruefully, speaks in confidential tone), people -- Ugh ... according to TheSun:


Yo: so-fucking-disgusting.

"VETERAN actor Michael Douglas nips out for some tucker with his sexy young wife Catherine Zeta Jones ? and shows tell-tale signs of plastic surgery. The 60-year-old Basic Instinct star had a plaster next to his left ear and a weeping wound by his right one as he left a restaurant with Catherine, 35.The pair were snapped on holiday in Barbados after dining with two friends at the Caribbean isle?s posh Cliff eaterie."

TheSun continues:

" .. '(Douglas) had flown off the island on Monday evening, then returned the next afternoon with the plaster and scars. He didn?t have them when he left on Monday ? so whatever he had done must have taken place on Monday night. He did look very strange.'It?s not the first time the Oscar-winner has gone under the knife."

Their allegations and heresay conclude here.


Anonymous said...

do you attend the college of william & mary? i will be going there next year =)

The Corsair said...

No, I graduated from Marlboro College about 10 years ago. Good luck and study the classics!

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