Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


In: The Maggie Gylnenhaal Fiasco. According to Cinematical, "Ms. Gyllenhaal told a reporter at Friday night's Tribeca screening of The Great New Wonderful that she felt the US was 'responsible in some way' for the September 11 attacks; it escalated when, on Monday, the actress released a statement refusing to apologize for the initial quote."

It gets worse, though:

"We reported the other day that the sitemaster of had pleaded to Gyllenhaal detractors to stop 'spamming' her message board. Now, Reuters is reporting that the message board has so bombarded with feedback that it crashed the site's server. Today, the comments apparatus was taken off the site, because, as the sitemaster wrote, 'it's gotten too outta hand.' She continues, 'You can read this as a revoke of freedom of speech if you like, but it's far from it ... If you feel the need to bitch about Maggie ... this is not the place to do it.'"

Out:Paris Hilton. Cindy Pearlman of the Chicago-Sun Times interviewed Paris:

"Q: Paris, there's a scene in 'House of Wax' in which you die -- and the entire preview audience applauded wildly. Is this a good thing?

"Paris Hilton. That scene was awesome. It was really hard to shoot a spike going through my head. It took two days, and I was filming on night shoots, which are the worst hours ever. But it helped with the character because I was supposed to be cold and miserable and crying. So I was, like, literally crying. I was so miserable. I was like, 'Oh, please, just kill me already.'"

Yeah, but is it a good thing when the audience applauds your onscreen death scene?

"Q.Now you have a new best friend, Kimberly Stewart, who is rocker Rod Stewart's daughter. We have to wonder: How does one get to be your best friend? And how does one lose your friendship?

"Paris Hilton. Oh, I've known Kimberly since we were in our mommies' stomachs. When we were little girls, our parents would always do charity fashion shows, and Kim and I would be in the shows with our moms. We'd get all dressed up and have little karaoke parties at my house. It was so much fun."

Sounds like it. (Averted Gaze)


Above: Ivana Trump and her latest, the dubious Count OilySkankyoily (Or something like that) at last year's Costume gala.

In: Next Monday Night's Costume Gala. The guest list is crazy insane. According to Jim Shi of Fashionweekdaily:

" ... Next Monday night�s Costume Institute Gala at the MET promises to be quite possibly the most glamorous night in fashion history �

"The Daily has learned exclusively that opera star Ren�e Fleming will be the evening�s special performer during dinner (we even hear that Anna Wintour commissioned a custom-made Chanel couture gown for the soprano to wear).

" ... Among the A-listers Chanel will be dressing are Nicole Kidman (attending her second such gala in three years), Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Paradis, Hope Atherton, and Ivanka Trump. In addition, Dr. Lisa Airan and Helen Schifter are expected to wear Chanel haute couture, and Selma Blair, a couture gown from the archives (though she is not sticking around for the dance portion).

" ... Gisele B�ndchen is Dolce & Gabbana�s guest, and Katie Holmes will arrive as a guest of Carolina Herrera."

Does Gisele mean Leo will be there, Does the appearance of the newly befouled Katie mean the new Urban Tom will be on hand, to personally supervise her corruption to the dark side of Scientology ("boop-boop-be-doop!"); and does Vanessa mean that Johnny will be there? And should The Corsair be ashamed to ask such questions?

"Nicole Richie is expected to be wearing either Missoni or Alessandro Dell�Acqua.

"The Melania will also be on hand, but is rumored not to be wearing Chanel."

The Corsair has got to crash this motherfucking tea party. You can send The Corsair his invite via:

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