Thursday, April 07, 2005

David Horowitz: Pied!


First, Alpha Neocon William Kristol was doused with the custard creme at Earlham. Then, Pat Buchanan's salad was unceremoniously tossed (let's hope that dressing wasn't Mexican!) at Western State. Now, these merry pranksters, who are trending decidedly downmarket in their choice of targets, nab rightwing freak David Horowitz with a little "chocolate cream treatment" across his righteous, salt-and-pepper goateed chops. According to the Indy Star:

"Horowitz's supporters followed the assailants out of the hall, and confronted them with what a witness called 'pushing and shoving.' However, the attackers got away."

Where's your sense of humor, David? Did you lose that in the 60s as well? On his blog he writes, humorlessly:

"There's a wave of leftist violence against conservative speakers on college campuses, and tonight I was a target. Four juvenile delinquents at Butler University doused me with a chocolate cream pie at the beginning of my speech on academic freedom (as if to make my point!)."

The Corsair chuckles softly.

" ... I was lucky my glasses weren't broken, since the pie was slammed into my face at eye level."
(The Corsair plays a weepy violin cadenza) Please, David. Desist. After all the atomic wedgies you've managed to survive in your life, a little pie-in-the-spectacles action cannot be all that much by way of tribulation. But, do go on, David:

" .. After drying off, I went on with my speech to a mostly leftwing audience."

Cry me a river. David, however, neglects to mention if he used moist towlettes on himself, or if he let some unfortunate intern at (Averted Gaze) Front Page Magazine (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) clean off the lagniappe, the detritus of sinister viscosity.

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The Corsair said...

We cannot confirm or deny if Horowitz likes his chocolate white.