Monday, March 21, 2005

Jerry Hall's Catty Scratch Fever


Even as The Page Sixxies report that future reality show sugarmommy, Jerry Hall is out and about canoodling with Komodo-dragon fodder, Sharon Stone's ex, Phil Brownstein, her mind is still on Mick, she can't get no satisfaction, as Sky News reports:

"... Jerry Hall has finally revealed a little portion of angst at his philandering ways - in a musical format.

"The 6ft Texan model has recorded her first song, and it contains thinly-veiled references to her former husband's cheating.

"They split five years ago, after Jagger's affair with Brazilian model Luciana Morad - which led to the birth of their son Lucas.

"But rather than keep it all bottled up, Jerry has co-written a song with her friend and neighbour, Rachel Fuller (girlfriend of The Who's Pete Townshend), called Around This Table."

Felix Dennis would be proud.

"... The song goes: 'We make love on (the table). Our children scratch their names beneath. The fire lights our passion. And the wine has numbed our grief.

"'Then you bring other women while I am out of town. And I can always sense when a stranger has sat down.'"

Catchy, vaguely cliche ("The fire lights our passion"), but we like the fact that Jerry could smell other women on the table. That's hott; and, after all, it has a nice beat, and we can shag to it. The scratching fixation is curious, though, as Page Six notes of the Brownstein-Hall date, "... Jerry stepped outside to smoke. 'She somehow got locked out and playfully scratched the door like a cat to get someone from the restaurant to let her in.'"


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