Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Atoosa Rubenstein's Project Seventeen


(image via Bostonparents)

Going on Tina Brown's Topic A discussing the timely issue of teenage Wiccans was not enough of a blast for the busty editor of Seventeen Magazine. The buxom Persian delight, Atoosa Rubenstein, and MTV are teaming up for a reality show next month. The gang at Fashionweekdaily write:

"According to Seventeen�s parent company, The Hearst Corporation, the show will pit young women against each other for a college scholarship, a paid Seventeen internship (otherwise unheard of at the company), and a Seventeen cover of her very own. MTV execs will scour the country in April for show contestants."

Endless journo discussion and debate on the ethics of a prestigious magazine internship being "raffled away" on MTV are sure to follow. Frankly, we just hope Atoosa dresses up "sessy" and bares some midriff.

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