Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Gotti's Out?


According to MSNBC's Jeanette Walls (2nd Item), who herself is making news (3rd item), Victoria Gotti may be out at Star Magazine after only one year on the job (No disrespect):

"The mob heir turned tabloid reporter tuned reality show star (on 'Growing Up Gotti') no longer has her gig writing for the Star, according to a well-placed source."

Sonofabitch, do you know who she is? She's Victoria Gotti! She made her bones when Bonnie Fuller was leaving bun crumbs in the office! Victoria's the kind of gal that rooted for bad guys in the movies (No disrespect).

"Gotti was one of the publications highest-profile writers and had a high-profile column, as well as some well publicized scoops, including a contested quote from Jennifer Lopez. 'Gotti's out,' a well-placed source tells The Scoop. 'It's over.'"

Hmm. Victoria Gotti is a woman who insists on hearing bad news immediately.

The Corsair is a superstitious man. We believe that should some unlucky accident should befall Victoria ... if she should get unceremoniously fired by American Media, or if she should read about said canning in the media before the proper channels inform her, we believe some of the higher ups -- Bonnie Fuller? David Pecker? -- will be blamed.

Will there be "Sicilian Messages" --wink, wink -- delivered to American Media's offices? How long do you think before Ole Bonnie gets the horsehead on the pillow treatment? Hmm? How long before David Pecker meets it in the Causeway toll booth?

"A rep for the tabloid, however, denies the story. 'She?s been ill. She?s been spending time in the hospital. That's why she hasn't appeared in the pages for a while,' spokesman Stu Zakim tells The Scoop. 'She's been contributing to stories, but I don't think her relationship [with the Star] is changing.'"

"Changing" how? Changing like a tune? She entertains you? She makes you dance? She's here to fuckin' entertain you? Now who's being naive, Stu Zakim.

"Gotti?s spokesman said, 'I'll call you back.' And he didn't."

To be continued ...


Anonymous said...

What's with Gawker totally ripping off your tollbooth line? It may be only blogging, but that's still plagiarism. They're always ripping off TMFTML,too.

Hector said...

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