Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sheryl Crowe, Sexy

Lately, we kind of thought Sheryl Crowe was getting too buff, too "mussular," what with all those workouts with her pro-Paris boyfriend, Lance Armstrong (We purposely didn't mention weight). Not so, according to "IF it makes you happy take a look at these sexy shots of Sheryl Crow."


"They're the first-ever topless photos of the rock chick and we reckon her fans will be raven about them this morning.

"She's in great shape at 43, as everyone could see when she stripped during a photoshoot on a hillside over Malibu on Wednesday.

"Wearing just a skimpy G-string she chatted happily to the crew during wardrobe changes."

She looks lovely.


(S)wine said...

Very nice. Have to respect holding out against augmentation. All is well. Or, it's all good.

LORMO said...

Wowie wow wow wow.

Thanks for keeping me updated on Sheryl Crowe photo nudity!