Thursday, March 31, 2005

Giorgio Armani's Glorious Mantan


A "mantan" is a hungry and jealous God. The sun worshipper's righteousness depends on the quality of his devotions. Fortunes are freely rendered unto the proper mantan's upkeep. Utmost attentions are demanded to keep it all so even-toned and nut-brown. But what of Giorgio Armani, the genre's acknowledged Master?

Sporting what can only be properly construed as a magnificent Vancouver sunset-colored mantan (The Corsair gasps in astonishment), Giorgio Armani recently jet-setted to Japan for an exhibition of his work, according to Hello!Magazine:

"... The silver-haired designer journeyed to the Japanese capital for the opening of a new exhibition of his work. Giorgio's 30-year career is being celebrated with a retrospective of his creations in the city's spectacular Mori Museum. The expansive gallery, which is housed in the top two floors of the Mori Tower, commands staggering views all the way to Mount Fuji. But for the next few days visitors to the venue will be focusing their attention on some 300 of Armani's most impressive gowns."


Above: Is that a Picasso Bronze, arms akimbo? No, silly, it's just Giorgio Armani and his glorious mantan.

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