Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mark Cuban's Media Domination Tour


"Mark Cuban has agreed to finance the defense of Grokster Inc. against Metro Goldwyn Mayer Inc.'s peer-to-peer lawsuit, after being asked by partisans including the Electronic Frontier Foundation," writes CBS Marketwatch. Sure he has big ole creepy serial-killer looking peepers, but Mark Cuban is an interesting media figure -- A Great Man of History. Napoleonic in scope, Metternichian in ambition. And how does The Corsair know that? Because Mark Cuban never tires of reminding us on his blog!

Shhht: Observe quietly as we catch Cuban's healthy self-love presently in mid flow:

"... Just as I knew that digital in TV would lead to an explosion in the acceptance of HDTV over time, which is why we started HDNet and HDNet Movies (www.hd.net) the same acceptance would change how consumers bought and used any and all content."

"Knowing this, my partner, Todd Wagner and I immediately began to get aggressive in the acquisition of content. Our first move was to buy Rysher Entertainment. Rysher owns among its movie library, Kingpin, Private Parts, Dear God, Hard Eight among others."

Message to Mark Cuban: The film "Dear God" -- and we use the term "film" here quite loosely -- is not something to inspire a sense of proud ownership. Bragadoccio is not in order. Rather, in the properly integrated and psychologically healthy personality, association with the making of such a rat turd "production" (Averted Gaze) would instill a deep sense of shame followed by a disturbing case of Sartrean nausea.

" ... In the TV world, we own Nash Bridges, Highlander, Star Search, Soldier of Fortune, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Lonesome Dove and shared interests in Hogans Heroes, Ben Casey, Walking Tall, The Great Santini and others."

A considerable pause. A long, low whistle of astonishment. "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" was unavailable? What, no "P-p-puttin on the Hits"? "Kids, Incorporated" was taken?

With the possible exception of Santini, The Corsair has never seen so many stinkers so zestily assembled. Well, maybe during roll call for the Terry Sciavo vote on The Hill.

"I then added the Dallas Mavericks as a content play with digital implications."

More on Mark Cuban's self loving "digital implications" here.

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