Monday, March 07, 2005

Hunter S Thompson: The End

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(The Corsair pours out Silverado Vineyards 2001 Limited Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, in recognition of the "dead homiez")

TheSmokingGun gives us some closure on the Hunter S. Thompson suicide in the form of a muted, surprisingly "Gonzo" styled police document:

"I arrived at the residence at approximately 1800 hours and as I drive into the driveway I heard 3 shots ring out. I parked by the caretakers cabin and a man exited the cabin and introduced himself as 'Ben' and said he lived at the residence. Ben asked me what was going on. I told Ben to return to his house and stay there until I could talk to him later.

"At this time I saw a man exit the house and walk towards me. He identified himself as Juan Thompson. I told Juan I had heard gunshots and asked Juan who was shooting and why. Juan told me he had shot a shotgun into the air to mark the passing of his father."

In the interest of Gonzo journalism, a genre he created, we don't believe Hunter would mind the public promotion of his death report. The entire document here.

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(S)wine said...

Bollocks to Blogger. I've been trying to comment here for two days. Finally!

Re: HST...I'm still in mourning. I'm only slightly consoled by Juan's disclosure of HST's probable terminal illness and his immense pain.

Another great one has checked out.