Thursday, March 03, 2005

Why Is Sadie Frost Always So Sad?


Above: The delicious melancholy of Sadie Frost.

Being married to Jude Law must have been a very trying activity indeed. Competition from all sides is trying to take your man away. Besieged, you throw your hands up defensively and give up.

Witness the perpetually sour-pussed Sadie Frost, who carries about her an air of tragic melancholy. Does this woman ever smile? Is there any evidence? Does the concept of humor escape her grasp entirely? She would not be amused that The Corsair asks these questions.

And the last name doesn't help matters with the tabloids. The Corsair has to admit something: We have this strange obsession with Sadie Frost. Sadie fascinates us. We can imagine her, like John Fowles' French Lieutenant's Woman, mad-eyed, on an outcliff, gazing out into the sea, accompanied by Elgar's Cello Concerto, Opus 85.


Frost is like Ingmar Bergman without the talent. If only there were some way to convert all that formidable dark energy into something socially useful, like, say, an alternative to Middle Eastern oil. Sadie looks as if, at any moment, a final, dying groan will steal from her cold, thin lips.

Now, According to the 3AM Girls:

"Sadie Frost has whisked lover Jackson Scott on an exotic break to salvage their 18-month romance.

"They flew to Costa Rica on Sunday after 39-year-old Sadie threw a party for Jackson's 24th birthday at The Pineapple restaurant in London's Kentish Town, where guests included his mum and model Kate Moss.

"Relations between the guitarist and the mother of four have nosedived in recent weeks. They were rocked by last month's allegations that Sadie and her ex-husband Jude Law had been wife-swapping with Pearl Lowe and Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey."

The grass is always greener ...

"Then it was claimed that Sadie was being 'comforted' by Jackson's best friend, Spacehog guitarist Antony Langton. And at the party following her recent FrostFrench fashion show, the couple barely spoke."


"... Sadie then spent two nights in hospital with a stomach infection. And last week, she was violently sick in a pub. Her aides blamed a bad reaction to antibiotics.

"'This is the worst things have been between them,' says our source. 'She thought they needed to spend quality time together on their own.'

"A spokesman for Sadie said: 'Sadie and Jackson have had a couple of arguments recently, as all couples do. What with the pressure of the FrostFrench show and recent newspaper allegations, it's been a stressful time for them, but they are still very much together.'"

God, why is Sadie Frost always so sad?

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Anonymous said...

Sadie Frost is smoking hot. I'd swap with her.