Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


In: Angelina Jolie, Adopt Me. Reading today's Rush and Molloy, we came across a curious factoid from Angelina Jolie:

"The Oscar-winner also revealed at the lunch that her son, Maddox, a Cambodian refugee, wants an African sibling."

As The Corsair was born in Kampala, Uganda, you can see why this fairly leaped out of the page to us. The Corsair believes that he would be the perfect sibling for the mohawk baby, becuase we're clever and cute and, well, The Corsair would only breast feed once -- okay, tops, twice a day. Please?

Out: Dan Rather. As Matt Drudge shouts today, "DAN RATHER PULLS TOP AUDIENCE FOR ANCHOR FINALE; CBS EVENING NEWS 7.2 RATING/13 SHARE OVER NBC NIGHTLY 6.5/12 OVER ABC WORLD 6.3/11 ..." So, in the end, Rather actually pulled one last victory for the team. Too late, though.

In: Elizabeth Jagger. Not to be confused with her superhott MILF sister Jade, who wore out Pharrell Williams, Elizabeth dodged a bullet, according to British Vogue:

"ELIZABETH JAGGER has won the right to keep the pictures of herself romping with Calum Best out of the public domain. The 21-year-old supermodel was unaware that her 'sexual activities' with George Best's son, in the early hours of February 17, had been filmed by CCTV until 'rather indistinct stills' were splashed over a Sunday tabloid front page. Mr Justice Bell awarded a temporary injunction yesterday, ruling that she had 'a legitimate expectation of privacy.' Jagger, who was previously thought to be dating Sean Lennon but was caught snogging Best by a camera just inside the door of Kabaret's Prophecy nightclub, claimed breach of copyright, her rights to data protection, and her right to respect for private life under the European Convention on Human Rights."

Human rights?

Out: Pete Doherty. Junky. Punk ass. Dumped by Kate Moss, the dude is having a hard time accepting things. According to News of the World:

"The supermodel turned up at the Steels pub in north London in the afternoon with actor pal Rhys Ifans and was soon joined by junkie Doherty and a group of his friends.

One onlooker told us: 'Everything seemed fine. They were all laughing and joking then Pete seemed to become agitated about something.

"He got up and leaned towards Kate. She shouted, �Leave me alone.' Pete said, �Look, all I want to do is just talk. Please Kate, let me talk.

"Kate replied, �Just go away. Leave me alone. I've had enough!'

"At this stage the section of the pub where they were sitting were all staring at them. Then Pete just got up and stormed out.

"Rhys was comforting Kate and they carried on drinking. "

Kate Moss drama.

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