Monday, March 28, 2005

Some Kimora for your Coffee

The Page Sixxies keep dangling Kimora Lee Simmons items at us, like juicy morsels before the hungry lion (The Corsair roars a heart alphablogger roar). Uncle! We give!:


(image via Vibe)

"NOW that Jules Asner and Kimora Lee Simmons' Life & Style TV show has been canned, stories are being told of donut-licking, lamp-stealing and other typical diva behavior.

Some of the social midemeanors committed:

"... (Kimora) stole props such as lamps and once made off with an entire rack of lamb from the lunch buffet table. Staff routinely had to be dispatched to the sticky-fingered star's dressing room in order to recover the pilfered booty."

Her "booty," as the Page Sixxies so unkindly put it, isn't pilfered! Puerile, perhaps, pompous, definitely; but Kimora Lee Simmons golden hindquarters aren't ... oh, wait ... they were talking about the props, weren't they? (Laconically) My mistake:

" ... Kimora's husband, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, was a repeated on-set nuisance who nagged producers to give his wife a bigger role."

Again: total fucking misunderstanding (The Corsair sparks up a Cubano Robusto). Russell wasn't berating the producers to increase his wife's screen time. Piffle. Russell Simmons wanted an actual roll, and, quite possibly, if they could swing it, a generous helping of Serrano Chile-Mint Jelly to go along with that big ol' rack of lamb Kimora pilfered. Thems good eats!

More Cremora to go with thy morning hazelnut coffee.

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