Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Robert Novak: Old Indestructable

(image via WolvertonMountain.com)


Above: Dark Lord Novak confers and plots with an ermine robed lieutenant of the Lord of the Flies.

We always knew that "The Prince of Darkness (TM)," Robert Novak was blessed by his Dread Lord Beelzebub with magical journalistic powers, the best sources within the Administration, and, finally, A disgusting voodoo Satanic immunity from doing prison time in the whole Valerie Plame mess, for the express purpose the he do "extraordinary works" in the service of the Kings of Hell. The Washington Post's Reliable Sources column today (link via Wonkette) presently throws more light on "The Passion of the Novak," namely, the earthly suffering attendant upon a nether astral being operating in this dimension, this veil of tears. Regarding tomorrow's Vanity Fair profile by David Margolick:

"... the piece describes Novak as a formidable, hardworking columnist -- 'he has courage and foresight,' writes Margolick -- and notes that 'despite spinal meningitis, three types of cancer, two broken hips, two broken wrists and a broken ankle,' the man hasn't slowed down. How long will Novak last? 'Well, I think probably it's God's will,' he tells the mag."

Which God? Mars? Mithras? The Ahura Mazda? Inquiring minds ...

Novak Contra Cloning (Union Leader)

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